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Film Club: Shouf Shouf Habibi

Coming up: 28 APRIL 2013

Imagine, you are 20 years old. You are planning to make something of your life (in contrast to your friends) and you are facing a very important choice:

Will you go for a modern Dutch city life, like your older brother and sister -including studies and a serious, well paid job? Will you choose a traditional Moroccan life, like your dad and travel to your family’s village to find yourself a beautiful bride? Or will you get your friends out of troubles for the very last time – just because they are your friends?


Follow Ap in all his hilarious, confronting and often moving attempts – reaching from scooter thief to job hunter and from bridegroom to bankrobber – to make the most of his life, growing up in a Dutch city.

Welcome at the Direct Dutch Film Club

Sunday April 28 2013 from 13.00 – 16.30 h.

Centrale Bibliotheek ( Spui 68, Den Haag)

In the course of the afternoon, we will watch the movie Shouf Shouf Habibi (2004) (in Dutch with Dutch subtitles) and discuss it in small groups, ending in a group discussion. Of course, we will discuss the film in (simple) Dutch. Our programme is suitable for everyone with (at least) an elementary knowledge of Dutch who would like to engage in Dutch culture and build on his or her conversation skills in an informal and fun way.

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