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Quote of the week: Ik wilde een keer wat anders doen om het spannend voor mezelf te houden.

“Ik verwacht niet dat mijn deelname aan Eurovisie mijn carrière een compleet andere draai geeft. Ik wilde een keer wat anders doen om het spannend voor mezelf te houden.”

‘I don’t expect that my participation to Eurovision will give a completely different twist to my career. I just wanted to do something different to keep it exciting for myself.’

The Eurovision Song Contest evokes mixed feelings among the Dutch. Since its start 1956, the country has only had four victories. The last victory was almost forty years ago (in 1975). Do you remember the song ‘Ding-a-dong’? With 152 points this entry was the most successful of the four winning songs.




The Dutch find the song contest history since 1975 quite frustrating. The last seven years consisted of non-qualifiers for the finale, which is a Eurovision record. Anouk, however, gives the Dutch hope that this year the final will be reached. Tomorrow we’ll know if she passed the semi-final. The singer’s full name is Anouk Teeuwe and she was born and bred in The Hague (8 april 1975) where she went to the Royal Conservatory for two years.

In 1996 she made her debut in the world of Rock and Roll with ‘Mood Indigo’, and a year later she broke through with ‘Nobody’s Wife’. The headstrong singer has made an incredible career in the Netherlands and abroad since then. To everyone’s great surprise she invited herself to the Contest, and her initiative was greeted with great enthusiasm.

When asked about her beautiful song ‘Birds’ Anouk replied: ‘I want the audience to find their own feelings about my song. I don’t think people want to know my feelings about the song’.

Photo: Anouk, source