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New Conversation Plus Course starting September

In September there’s a new Conversation Plus Course coming up. As you know this course has a new format! You can sign up for six lessons and take them whenever you like. So if you have to go on holidays or if you are too busy at work… no worries. Resume the lessons at your convenience, as long as you take them within a period of six months. For each lesson your teacher Ruud Hisgen will prepare a grammatical exercise, funny texts to enrich your vocabulary and of course interesting discussion material. All according to your wishes and needs.


The Conversation Plus course is meant for students who master the basics of the Dutch language in theory, but need some practice using it. It allows students who completed an intermediate, advanced and/or NT2 course to build on their vocabulary and fluency. This short course is an ideal way to shake the dust off your rusty Dutch, or to actually start using the language you learned.


Like all our courses, the conversation plus course is highly interactive and focuses on communication. Students prepare a short presentation based on a newspaper article of their own choice for every class. In class, time is divided between individual presentations and class discussion. There is great focus on the students’ own input, allowing room to focus on each student’s individual needs and interests. Dutch is spoken throughout the course.


At Direct Dutch, we believe that it is impossible to separate a language from its cultural context. There is an important role for Dutch culture throughout our courses. The conversation plus course exclusively works with authentic Dutch material.

Each Tuesday from 18.30 – 20.30 hrs. Please phone us for more information (Tel: +31 (70) 365 46 77) or click here.