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Spreek Nederland campaign huge success!

The campaign SPREEK NEDERLANDS! MET MIJ! launched by Direct Dutch Institute was a huge success! It was covered by almost every (news) medium in the last few weeks. As a result of all this attention we received countless requests for buttons. So far we’ve distributed over 2500 buttons in The Hague and elsewhere. Rogerio, a young student who followed our intensive course, has become a B.E.-er, a BEKENDE EXPAT (a well-known expat). He performed in two short documentaries about our campaign on national (NOS op 3) and provincial (RTV West) television.

west button 2

We were pleasantly surprised by all this attention. There was a big article on page 2 of the VOLKSKRANT and there were several items on national radio. There even was a news item on national television ‘NOS op 3’ about the button campaign, filmed at the Direct Dutch Institute with Robyn, Rogerio and other students, and Ruud Hisgen. This item demonstrates why it’s necessary. Watch it here!

In De Volkskrant there was some unexpected support for our campaign. Thomas von der Dunk (1961) is a renowned Dutch cultural historian. He published an ardent plea for Dutch in an article with the title ‘Onze minachting voor de eigen taal is uniek’ (Our contempt for our own language is unique). 

Here are some examples of articles. 

Wassenaarse Courant 002Wassenaarse Courant 001 180713 AD volkskrant010813 Den Haag Centraal

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Want a button? You can collect a free button from ACCESS in the International Centre in the City Hall (Atrium), Spui 70, The Hague or from De Wassenaarse Krant, Van Zuylen van Nijenveltstraat 202 in Wassenaar or from the Direct Dutch Institute at the Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 275, The Hague.