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Direct Dutch Film Club on Sunday 22/09 ft. Timboektoe

Ever dreamt off just quitting your job, leaving everything behind and starting a small campsite somewhere in France?

Join us at the Direct Dutch Filmclub on Sunday  September 22nd (13.00 – 16.30 hrs.) and dream on (in Dutch!) with the adventurous teenage movie Timboektoe.



So your parents tell you you are moving to France, because they bought a camping over there. You’ll have to leave all your friends behind. Surely this is going to be a disaster. Or not?

Isa (Bo Maerten) and her older brother Kars (Mees Peijnenburg) know their lives are about to change when their parents tell them they are moving to France to start a camping.

In France, nothing turns out the way the family expected. Once the camping, called Timboektoe, is up and running another camping opens nearby. The owner of this camping goes out of his way to close down Timboektoe. Will Kars and Isa be able to save their Timboektoe?

Timboektoe is the ultimate Dutch teen movie with a splendid cast of young actors. The movie is based on the series of four books by popular Dutch author Carry Slee.


On Sunday September 22, there will be a new edition of the Direct Dutch Film Club in the Centrale Bibliotheek (Central Library) in The Hague! From 13.00 till 16.30 hrs we will be watching (and talking about) Timboektoe (2007) –  a Dutch teenage movie by Dave Schram.

In the course of the afternoon, we will watch the movie (in Dutch with Dutch subtitles) and discuss it in small groups, ending in a group discussion. Of course, we will discuss the film in (simple) Dutch. Our programme is suitable for  everyone with (at least) an elementary knowledge of Dutch who would like to engage in Dutch culture and build on his or her conversation skills in an informal and fun way.


Email marloes(at) to book one or more free tickets. Please be quick,  limited number of places available.