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New Direct Dutch company brochure

Did you know that Direct Dutch Institute also offers special in-company programmes to allow busy businessmen and women to learn Dutch without even leaving their office building? We offer courses on all levels and we are more than happy to adapt to the specific situation of your company. Read all about our courses in our new brochure, or contact us for a free try out lesson!


Read all about our company courses here, or download our new brochure

Direct Dutch Institute in-company programmes

Since our establishment in 1985, Direct Dutch has specialized in Dutch courses for expatriates living and working in the Netherlands. We home our students in on Holland: by teaching them Dutch, we help them to feel at home here and settle in their new surroundings.

Foreign employees function better when they feel at home in their new country. At Direct Dutch, we believe that the best way to assimilate to a new culture, is to learn its language. Besides, we think that the best way to learn a language is to actually use it. Therefore, all our courses focus on communication and are taught in Dutch from the very lesson onwards.

We are happy to adjust the courses to the specific situation of the company we work with. For example, this month we finished three beginners courses at a big computer company, which all started with an intensive language bootcamp on site. Another company we work with, just started a series of quite specific conversation classes to help their employees to talk to their Dutch clients more fluently.

The Direct Dutch formula is based on the recognition that it is difficult to separate a language from its culture. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to Dutch culture and customs throughout our courses. For instance, both beginners courses (0 – A2 CEF) include a series of 12 short talks on aspects of Dutch society such as history, politics, arts and media.

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