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No more “happy end”

Mayor of The Hague Jozias van Aartsen is fed up to the back teeth with shady Chinese massage parlours. He wants all those parlours offering sexual services to close down.


While a massage is supposed to give your muscles a relief, which can cause a temporary feeling of happiness, the notorious ‘happy endings’ that these Chinese businesses provide are associated with less happy matters such as illegal prostitution and the exploitation of women.

Our mayor means business. He is determined to end these shady practices. He introduced a special intervention team which includes police, labour inspection and tax authorities. They cooperate with the Dutch Forensic Institute to track down sperm in the salons. If there is proof of multiple men having had sex, the parlour runs the risk of being closed down for six months.

Six Chinese massage rooms in The Hague have been closed down so far and more will follow. Ibo Gülsen, councillor of VVD  in The Hague, tells Omroep West in an interview:

‘De grote schoonmaak is begonnen. Er is geen happy end voor deze massagesalons in de toekomst!’

‘The great clean-up has begun. There will be no ‘happy end’ for these massage parlours in the future!’

His face expressed joy and he could not help but show a large happy smile.