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Word of the day: naaktrecreatieterrein (nudist recreation site)

Yesterday’s word was LIEVEHEERSBEESTJE, a long word for the ladybird or ladybug. We also discussed Godfried Bomans’ children’s book ‘Erik of het klein insectenboek’ which is a Dutch version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Tomorrow I’ll continue my discussion of Bomans and tell you why he was so popular in the sixties.

Nadia thought LIEVEHEERSBEESTJE was a long word for such a small insect. But the word NAAKTRECREATIETERREIN (nudist recreation site) in the photo is also rather long. 

‘U nadert het NAAKTRECREATIETERREIN’ sounds as if you’re in danger because you’re approaching a nuclear testing site. The worst that can happen to you, however, is an encounter with people who have no clothes on. They are NAAKT (naked).

The Dutch also have the word BLOOT (nude). Both words mean ‘uncovered’. No clothes. In my view BLOOT has a ring to it that signifies more nudity than NAAKT, but that is probably my dirty mind.

Whichever way you look at it, the word BLOOTRECREATIE does not exist. It sounds ridiculous. But why?

What do you think? Would you prefer to be BLOOT or NAAKT? Or are they exactly the same? Tomorrow we are going to discuss a nude leg (NAAKT of BLOOT BEEN).