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Quote of the month: by Alderman van Engelshoven

Geert Wilders’ party PVV (Freedom Party) is on course to become the biggest party in The Hague in the upcoming local elections, according to an opinion poll. Progressive liberal party D66 fears this will ruin the image of The Hague as International city of Peace and Justice.

‘If the PVV (Freedom Party) becomes the largest party, we’ll lose millions of income.’
Alderman Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66)


The political party of controversial politician Geert Wilders, PVV (Freedom Party), is set to be the big winner in The Hague during the local elections of March 19. A recent opinion poll by TNS NIPO showed that one out of five people living in The Hague intends to vote for the PVV.

The PVV is (in)famous for its anti-Muslim sentiments, its anti-Europe and anti-globalisation attitudes. Wilders’ views and statements about the Islam have made him a controversial figure in both the Netherlands and abroad.

The party is extremely popular in The Hague, especially in the districts that have high rates of unemployment. Many people living in The Hague fear that this could ruin the city’s international image. The Hague is proud of its status as International city of Peace and Justice and its high number of embassies, foreign companies and international organisations.

Progressive liberal party D66 warns for the negative effects a political victory of the PVV could possibly have on The Hague. Party leader and alderman for Education and Public Services Ingrid van Engelshoven in AD Haagsche Courant 15-02-2014: ‘If Geert Wilders’ party becomes the largest party in The Hague, not only will we lose our reputation as International city of Peace and Justice, but we will also lose thousands of jobs and millions of income. Foreign companies and international organisations will think twice before they will settle in a city that is controlled by an anti-Muslim party’

Local elections Direct DutchAre you a European citizen or have you lived in the Netherlands for a continuous period of five years? If so, you have the right to vote in the local elections. Would you like to dive deeper into local politics? Do you want to know why and how you should vote? Join the debate on Sunday 23 February in the Central Library: ‘Why should I vote, away from home?’, organised by Direct Dutch Institute and The Hague Public Library.





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