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Saturday 5 July: Spreek Nederlands dag!

Almost a year ago we started our Spreek Nederlands! Met Mij! campaign. After all the media exposure, where do we stand today? Did the Dutchmen learn, or is it still hardly possible for expats to practise Dutch? We declare Saturday 5 July 2014 to be ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ (Speak Dutch day). On this day the Direct Dutch team goes out on the streets to see if it has become more of a habit to allow expats to speak Dutch. Still find it a little scary to speak Dutch? All of our teachers will go out to help you! On this day there is NO excuse not to speak Dutch! 


So why are we writing this in English anyway? Because we want to reach all expats, also the ones that haven’t started learning Dutch yet. Learning Dutch is much easier than people usually believe and it does make your stay much more pleasant. Even if it is only for a few years.

So write down in your calendar and tell all your friends about it: Saturday 5 July is ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’! All of the Direct Dutch teachers will go out on the streets to help expats speak Dutch. Our students will also go undercover and check if people working in shops and restaurants allow you to speak Dutch at your own pace. At the end of the day the Direct Dutch Award is handed out to the place with the highest score.

Make sure you go out on ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’. Soon we will announce on our website on which locations our teachers are present to help you, and what kind of activities we have planned. Don’t forget to wear your button!

Don’t have a button yet? You can come and pick one up at our institute or at the Access desk in the Cityhall. No time? Send an email to info[at] and we will send you one free of charge!

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