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Program ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ 2014


Do you want to speak Dutch but do you feel embarassed or just a bit shy? Or do you feel discouraged because you usually get a reply in English? Come and join us on Saturday 5 July, on Speak Dutch day (Spreek Nederlands dag)! This day is devoted to internationals who want to speak Dutch in public more often. The D-team, made up of Direct Dutch teachers will be there to guide you, encourage you and answer all your questions. Together we’ll also test and judge pavement cafe’s in the city center, will they let you speak Dutch on a busy day?
Alderman for Knowledge economy, International affairs, Youth and Education Ingrid van Engelshoven will officially open ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ in Café Rootz in Den Haag at 11:30 in the morning. Come alone, or bring friends or family!



> 11:30 ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ is officially opened by alderman van Engelshoven in Café Rootz
> 12:00 Drinks! and formation of groups of expats, teachers and Dutch volunteers
> 12:30 Groups go into the center of The Hague to test pavement café’s and speak lots of Dutch
> 15:00 All groups return and the winning café is decided
> 15:30 DD-team hands out the DD-trophee to the winning café



Almost a year ago we started our Spreek Nederlands! Met Mij! campaign. We handed out buttons to students with the words ‘Spreek Nederlands! Met Mij!’ (Speak Dutch with me). The campaign caught national attention. But where do we stand today? Did the Dutchmen learn, or is it still hardly possible for expats to practise Dutch? The button is still highly in demand, so we think it’s about time for a new impulse!

On Saturday July 5 we will go undercover and check if people working in shops and restaurants allow you to speak Dutch at your own pace. At the end of the day the Direct Dutch Trophee is handed out to the place with the highest score.

Please come and join us at 11:30 at Café Rootz (Grote Marktstraat 14, Den Haag) and participate! We are looking forward to seeing you on ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’! You can drop by anytime, but if you want to make sure you are part of the first round of groups, please send an email to