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Digital coursebook for Direct Dutch students

In September 2014 Direct Dutch Institute intoduced a digital and interactive coursebook in the beginners courses. This coursebook (Home in on Holland) offers students the possibility to do homework online, read texts, listen to conversations and communicate with the teacher.


The digital coursebook makes it easier for students to keep up with their course and the homework. Wether they’re at home, in the train or at the beach, students have access to the course material on their laptop or mobile phone.

The digital book offers advantages to both teachers and students. Students will receive built-in feedback after an exercise is completed while teachers can keep track of how students are doing in between classes. The digital version can be used together with the analogue coursebook and the audio c.d.

After introducing the digital coursebook in the beginners courses, and an additional period of implementing improvements, Direct Dutch Institute will offer a digital course book to students of all courses. It won’t be made obligatory to use the digital course book. The paper version will remain available for as long as there are people who read analogue books!