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It’s Chooseday!

De vraag van vandaag is (today’s question is):

Is het

A. De zebrapad


B. Het zebrapad

Zaza Zebra
Zaza Zebra

Het juiste antwoord is (the correct answer is): B. Het zebrapad
The word zebrapad (pedestrian crossing) is made up of two words, zebra (zebra) and pad (path). The word pad has a double meaning in Dutch. It also refers to the amphibian that looks like a fat frog: a toad.


The most famous zebra in Holland of all times is Zaza Zebra, a character from the popular Dutch television series for children De Fabeltjeskrant, first aired in 1968. The main character of this puppet show is Meneer de Uil (Mister Owl), who reads the newsspaper ‘De Fabeltjeskrant’ to the children at home. The Fabeltjeskrant tells stories about everything that happenes in Het Grote Dierenbos (big animal forest). It’s not hard to guess what the word fabel means: fable!

Mijnheer de uil