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Chooseday # 6

Tuesday is a good day for a little quiz. It’s the second day of the working week. It’s almost Wednesday, so that means it’s almost Thursday. Basically, it’s almost weekend! O.k., let’s not get ahead of ourselves, here’s the question.


Soof heeft het allemaal / Soof has it all.
A husband, three adorable kids, a nice home and her own catering business. One day she calls out:

‘Het leven kan wel een beetje peper gebruiken’

What does she mean?

a. Het leven mag wel wat spannender worden

b. Het eten mag wel wat pittiger worden


The correct answer is a. Het leven mag wel wat spannender worden. Soof is experiencing some overwhelming boredom (verveling) at 40, and dreams of spicing things up a little.

We can tell you one thing though, Soof’s life is certainly not boring! Come to our filmclub. We’ll watch the movie together, eat some popcorn and speak lots and lots of Dutch! This will certainly keep your language muscles tight! The entrance is free.

To find out more and to register for the Direct Dutch Filmclub with Dutch movie Soof on Sunday November 9 click here.


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