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Chooseday nr. 4!

Learning (or guessing) the meaning of abbreviations is sometimes hard enough in your own language. Let alone learning them in a new language! Are you getting used to Dutch abbreviations?

Today’s question is about an abbreviation that has become a term on it’s own: ZZP-er. Do you know business people who call themselves ZZP-ers? Do you know what being a ZZP-er means? Chances are you do. But do you know what the letters Z Z P stand for? Choose the right answer.

A) Zelfstandige Zonder Personeel
B) Zonder Zekerheid Persoon

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The correct answer is A) Zelfstandige Zonder Personeel. It refers to someone who works independently (zelfstandig), instead of working for a boss. You own a small business without employees (zonder personeel).


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