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First edition Dutch up! big success

The first edition of Dutch up!, organised by The Hague Public Library and Direct Dutch Institute, was a huge succes. The free accessible workshops in Central Library The Hague are meant for anyone who wants to practise speaking Dutch and learn interesting things about The Netherlands at the same time. The first edition, about Dutch water management, was fully booked.

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On Sunday November 30 there will be the second edition of Dutch up! in Central Library The Hague. This edition will be all about the first thing every foreigner notices when arriving in Holland: our many bicycles a.k.a. The Dutch Holy Horse. First we watch a short documentary, followed by a short lecture. Then we will form little groups, make exercises and discuss the answers together.

The Dutch up! workshop is a great way to practise speaking Dutch while also learning more about typical Dutch subjects. You have to have at least a basic knowledge of Dutch to be able to fully participate (level A1 and higher). Registration required: send an email to

November 30, 2014, 13:30 – 15:30 hrs, location: Central Library The Hague (Spui 68, Den Haag), free entrance