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We came, we saw, we Dutched up!

At Direct Dutch we believe it’s most important to put your Dutch into practice. As much as you can! Use it or lose it, we say. But since the Dutch don’t always give you the opportunity – they just assume you rather speak English than practise a little Dutch – we will create opportunities for you! We added new events to the list in 2014 and came up with a new name: ‘Dutch up!’. In the new year we will keep on organising these events for you. So be prepared to get Dutched up in 2015 (for dates scroll down)!

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Film club

Together with Public Library The Hague we organise a film club four times a year, since 2013. During these popular events we watch and discuss a Dutch movie. The atmosphere during the film club, held in Central Library The Hague, is always very relaxed and ‘gezellig’. Everyone will speak (a little) Dutch, no English allowed! You can enjoy the film club if you have level A1 +. To be able to really understand the movie (and answer all the questions) you have to have at least level A2.

Book club

For the advanced speakers of Dutch we organise a Dutch book club, several times a year. These intimate reading sessions are held at our institute. Right now the club is reading the script for ‘Vrijdag’ a play by Dutch author Hugo Claus. After the reading sessions, the club will watch the play in Theater aan het Spui in Den Haag. Next up is the script for the play ‘Blauwdruk voor een nog beter leven’ by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. These sessions will also result in a visit to the theatre.

Here’s the link if you want more information (in Dutch).


In 2014 Public Library the Hague and Direct Dutch decided to add new events to the list: workshops about typical Dutch subjects. The workshops – held in Central Library The Hagu – are in Dutch (level A2 +) and consist of a short lecture and the watching of a short documentary. The rest of the time is devoted to questions and discussion.

The first two workshops, about Dutch water management and about The Duth Holy Horse, the bicycle were fully booked. After listening to the positive reactions of the participants (and since a lot of them enrolled for the next edition) we can say that the workshops are a big succes! And so we planned four new workshops in 2015.

Here are all the dates for Dutch up! in 2015. Send an email to if you want to be informed about the events (or follow us on Facebook).

Dutch up! in 2015

Sunday 1 February – Filmclub – (Movie: ‘Alles is liefde’)

Sunday 1 March – Workshop – (Theme: Dutch a worldly language)

Sunday 26 April – Filmclub – (Movie: t.b.a.)

Sunday 31 May – Workshop (Theme: Prinsjesdag)

Sunday 25 October – Filmclub – (Movie: t.b.a.)

Sunday 22 November – Workshop – (Theme: Dutch Holidays)

Sunday 20 December – Filmclub – (Movie: t.b.a.)

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