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Let’s celebrate 30 years of Direct Dutch!

Direct Dutch Institute celebrates its 30th birthday in 2015! This makes Direct Dutch the oldest language school for Dutch in The Hague!

For three decades, Direct Dutch has specialized in Dutch language courses for expatriates working and living in the Netherlands. Thirty years of doing what we love and what we’re good at.

Ever since the foundation of Direct Dutch in 1985, we have been working hard to make Direct Dutch what it is today: a true institution in Den Haag, offering quality language courses. Dutch culture plays a big part in the courses. This helps expats to ‘home’ in on Holland.

Direct Dutch is also known for the campaign to give expats more opportunity to practise Dutch in public. In Holland it is often difficult to speak Dutch for an expat: Dutch people can and so they will speak English. The buttons, that say ‘Spreek Nederlands! Met mij!’ (Speak Dutch! With me!), allow our students to practise Dutch with the Dutch.

In coorporation with The Hague Public Library, Direct Dutch also organises several Dutch language events. On top of this there will be a second edition of ‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ (Speak Dutch day) on Saturday 27 June 2015.

We will make 2015 unforgettable!