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‘Wij houden van Nederlands’ with our beloved friends Bep & Truus


Bep and Truus are back again! This time they have come up with more difficult Dutch words to test your Dutch spelling skills. It’s up to you to choose the correct spelling. Is Bep (with the lovely blue hair) right, or do you think Truus (amazing red hair) has the correct answer?

Tijd om je spelling te oefenen, wie heeft het juiste antwoord? Bep of Truus?

Vraag 1: Pannenkoek of pannekoek?


Bep & Truus both love pancakes! But who has the right spelling for the Dutch word?

Vraag 2: Perzikken of perziken?


Peaches are also very delicious. The Dutch word ‘perzik’ is not that difficult, but what is the correct plural form?

Vraag 3: Identiteit of indentiteit?


Bep and Truus are seriously worried about this word, as Dutch people themselves often spell or pronounce this one wrong…

Vraag 4: Paralel of parallel?


Too many consonants or not? What do you think?

Vraag 5: Alunimium of aluminium?


Last but not least, alunimium or aluminium? Look closely!

Truus and Bep hope you’ve done well on this quiz, check your answers below, and don’t forget: ‘Wij houden van Nederlands’ 

If you love Bep and Truus and their crazy spelling exercises, be sure to watch their video here

Vraag 1: Truus. Vraag 2: Truus. Vraag 3: Bep. Vraag 4: Bep. Vraag 5: Truus.