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Super gezellige ‘Spreek Nederlands Dag 2016’!

‘Spreek Nederlands dag’ on Saturday 2 July was a big success! It was a lovely, sunny day. Not a drop of rain!

We started the day with a speed masterclass Dutch by Ruud and Petra Hisgen. It taught us a few important things about ordering drinks in the Netherlands. Dutch waiters can be a bit hard to handle sometimes 🙂 and they expect a tip of about 10 percent. But, as one of the Dutch guides taught us, if the service wasn’t good, then do not give any tip! That’s a great tip, Chris!

Six groups of expats went out in the center of The Hague.  To test how patient Dutch waiters are when it comes to expats who insist on ordering everything in Dutch. The groups had a lot of fun together. Some of them even returned too late. So they must have had a great time!

The winner of the restaurant check is De Eeuwige jachtvelden (Plein 14, Den Haag). According to our test panels, this is the best café to go to when you want to practise speaking Dutch! Joshua, the handsome waiter, remained patient and spoke Dutch all the way. When he received the trophy he said ‘Thank you’. In English 🙂 But we’ll forgive him for that!

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