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Stay in touch. Keep up your Dutch! #3

At Direct Dutch Institute we always tell our students: ‘practise makes perfect’. And: ‘use it or lose it’. But how do you practise your Dutch, now that we have to stay indoors? In this series of short interviews, we ask our teachers for advice (and for some personal revelations as well)! Today it’s up to teacher Pieter van der Weel!

What is it you love about teaching Dutch?

”Finding fun ways to help people to learn what they want to be learning. And it’s great to get to know so many new people, in Dutch of course!”

Do you need superpowers to teach Dutch grammar to foreigners?

”Not at all. Just a lot of enthusiasm and a bit of patience.”


What is it most students don’t know about you?

”When I’m not teaching Dutch, I’m actually a software developer and tech-consultant. I love to have some variety in what I do. I couldn’t stand having to do the same thing all day.”

All Direct Dutch courses continue online during the corona crisis. How is your experience with online teaching so far?

”It’s challenging. Especially interactions with students are noticeably different. Hopefully It’s just a matter of getting used to not being in the same room.”

Social distancing = less opportunity to practise Dutch. Some tips, please!

”Watch Dutch television shows and films (of course with Dutch subtitles). Speak Dutch with colleagues in video-conferences.”

Which Dutch books do you recommend to students of Dutch?

”Definitely find something that you actually want to read, not just for the language practice.”

Which Dutch movies /series do you recommend?

”I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen nearly enough. I was amazed by Abel, 1986.”

Last but not least, do you have a mantra to keep your head up during this crisis?

”I suppose something along the lines of ‘We’ll get through this together’. Seeing how people have reacted is quite encouraging.”