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Zing Nederlands met je kinderen ‘Slaap kindje slaap’

To sing Dutch, is to learn Dutch! In this series we will explain six of the most popular Dutch traditional nursery rhymes. If you have young children, this is your chance to sing Dutch with them. Happy faces guaranteed! But if you’re not a parent this is also a good opportunity to practise your pronunciation, learn new Dutch words and dive into Dutch culture! This week it’s time to say night night with ‘Slaap kindje slaap. Sleep tight!


Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping? Wouldn’t it be great if someone would sing you a lullaby? Every mum and dad knows it’s the fastest way to make a child sleepy. ‘Slaap kindje slaap’ has been the go to song for Dutch parents for centuries. The oldest version of the song is found in a handwritten book from 1850, but the song is probably much older and passed on by oral tradition.

‘Slaap kindje slaap’ tells a tale of milk and sheep with little white feet. Perfect ingredients for a good night sleep! Like most traditionals, there are regional variations to the song. This version is the best known.

Use the you tube player to listen to the song. Below you can find the lyrics and our translation. We hope you will enjoy practising Dutch with this song!


Slaap kindje slaap

Slaap, kindje, slaap

Daar buiten loopt een schaap

Een schaap met witte voetjes

Die drinkt zijn melk zo zoetjes.

Slaap, kindje, slaap

daar buiten loopt een schaap



Sleep, baby, sleep

Outside there is a sheep

A sheep with little white feet

Drinking milk so sweet

Sleep, baby, sleep

Outside there is a sheep




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