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Go beyond A2 with book ‘Woeste Willem’

Now is the perfect time to improve your mastery of Dutch! Books will help you. Here is a book that can help you to go beyond A2! It’s a children’s book, but it is fun, exciting, playful and full of new words and idioms.

Woeste Willem (by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, Lemniscaat, Rotterdam)

You can buy this great book for only 2,50 euro in every bookshop. This funny book is about a pirate called ‘fierce Willem”. The delightful illustrations are a story in themselves and after you have finished reading it, you can read it to your neighbour’s kids or give it to them.

Willem is een humeurige en mopperende zeerover,
maar met het jongetje Frank sluit hij vriendschap
en aan hem vertelt hij al zijn avonturen.

Willem is a moody and grumbling pirate,
but he makes friends with the boy Frank
and he tells him all his adventures.