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Direct Dutch home film club with ‘Wiplala’ (+ contest!)

Watching a Dutch movie is an entertaining way to improve your Dutch language skills. That’s why we regularly organise Direct Dutch film club in Central Library The Hague. But in these times, why not organise your own private little ‘Direct Dutch home film club’?  The last movie we watched (in a small group) was ‘Wiplala’. If you missed out, here’s some information about the film, plus the questions we asked the participants. The movie is for 6 years and older.

The conversations in the movie are best suitable for A2 and higher, but this will vary from person to person. Just give it a try! You can watch the movie on several on-demand platforms. If the platform supports Dutch subtitles, make sure to turn them on!


The theme of this year’s Direct Dutch film club is famous Dutch writer Annie M.G. Schmidt (1911 – 1995). Almost everyone growing up in the Netherlands read her amazing children’s books. The movie ‘Wiplala’ is based on one of Schmidt’s famous books called ‘Wiplala’.

Below you can find six questions about the movie (in Dutch of course!). Try to answer them in full Dutch sentences (mistakes are allowed!). Send the Dutch answers to Make sure to let us know what your current level of Dutch is. We will (randomly) choose three winners out of the participants. The winners will receive one of Annie M.G. Schmidt’s lovely books!

Here are the questions!

  1. Waarom mag Johannes niet over zijn moeder praten van Nella Della?
  2. Wat is het beroep van Arthur?
  3. Wat gebeurde er met poes Vlieg?
  4. De kinderen hebben vakantie. Waarover is Nella Della een beetje teleurgesteld?
  5. Wiplala kan toveren: ‘tinkelen’. Welk probleem heeft hij bij het tinkelen?
  6. Waarom wordt de ober in het restaurant boos op het gezin?

The contest runs till November 5 and the winner will be contacted after the competition ends.

Annie M.G. Schmidt

Almost all Dutch natives grew up with Annie M.G. Schmidt, i.e. her stories, her songs, her poems, her television series, her feature films, her plays and her musicals. Even though Annie M.G. Schmidt is no longer among us, her texts are still very much alive.

When you’re learning Dutch, you can always count on Annie M.G. Schmidt to help you out. There is more to her than just the “Jip en Janneke” stories. In this informative article, Ruud Hisgen (Direct Dutch) suggests three songs that students of Dutch may find entertaining and instructive.

Here’s a list of famous books and series by Annie M.G. Schmidt. How many titles have you heard of before?

In Holland staat een huis (hoorspel, 1952-1958)
Pension Hommeles (televisie, 1957-1959)
Ja zuster, nee zuster (televisie, 1965-1969)
Pleisterkade 17 (televisie, 1975-1977)
Beppie (televisie, 1990)
Het Fluitketeltje en andere versjes (1950)
Het schaap Veronica (reeks gedichten, 1950-1957)
Dit is de spin Sebastiaan (1951)
Abeltje (1953)
Jip en Janneke (1953-1960)
De A van Abeltje (1955)
Ik ben lekker stout (1955)
Wiplala (1957)
Het beertje Pippeloentje (1958)
Ibbeltje (1961)
Wiplala weer (1962)
Heksen en zo. Sprookjes (1964)
Minoes (1970)
Pluk van de Petteflet (1971)
Floddertje (1973)
Tom Tippelaar (1977)
Otje (1980)
Tot hier toe (1986)
Ziezo (1987)
De uilebril (1988)
Tante Patent (1988)
Uit met juffrouw Knoops (1989)
Simpele zielen en nog wat (1989)
Een visje bij de thee. Drieëntwintig verhalen en achtenzestig versjes uit eenentwintig boeken

If you like to find out more about Annie M.G. Schmidt, this is the official website. We hope you enjoy ‘Wiplala’ and we are looking forward to receiving your anwers!