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Historical walk through Bezuidenhout with (digital) audio guide

Do you want to learn more about your environment and boost your Dutch on the go? We’ve got just what the doctor ordered! We created a (digitally) guided tour through Bezuidenhout, a beautiful district in The Hague with a very rich history. Put on your walking shoes and let our Dutch, or English, audio guide tell you some fascinating historical facts! 

Historical tour ‘De Gouden Eeuw’

Theme of the historical tour through Bezuidenhout is ‘De Gouden Eeuw’ (The Golden Age). The aim of the tour is to learn more about The Hague, Dutch history, Dutch monarchy and of course the Dutch language. Our Dutch or English audio guide is available 24/7, so you can take the tour whenever you want to! The walking route is 1.2 kilometers.

Simply download the free app (more details below) and head to the starting point. The app will use your location to guide you to the tour locations. Don’t forget to bring your headphones! At each of the fifteen stops you’ll learn some interesting historical facts about the location. Also fun: you’ll be able to test your knowledge about the Golden Age with questions at each location.

How to use the app

On your smartphone: go to the app store and download the free GeoTourist app. Once you’ve opened the app, you can find our tour by scanning the qr-code below, or by typing 4231 in the search bar..

Historic tour Gouden Eeuw

Web browser: you can explore the locations of the tour in your web browser by clicking on this link. This way you can do the tour at home, without downloading the app.

Important note: the standard language of GeoTourist is set to English, to be able to switch the language (for the Dutch guide) you need to be signed in. Signing up for a GeoTourist account is free. 

Contest! Win, win, win!

Our tour guide will ask questions at each tour location. On this page you’ll find a selection of these questions. Try to answer them all (after you’ve done the tour), and you might win a great book about the Golden Age! 

And of course we are really looking forward to receiving your ‘tour selfies’! We will reward three selfies with a book about the history of The Hague. Send your selfie to We would like to post your selfie on our Facebook page, so please let us know in case you don’t want this. 

Spreek Nederlands Dag

A (real life) guided tour is part of our annual ‘Spreek Nederlands Dag‘. Unfortunately, this year there won’t be a real life event. So we thought it would be a great idea to digitally recreate last year’s tour. We hope you’ll enjoy it! If you have any tips for us to improve the tour, please let us know! You can send us an email, or leave a review in the app!