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Direct Dutch vlogs! ♥

At Direct Dutch we love to share free resources for students and lovers of Dutch. So of course it was time for us to start our own YouTube channel. Are you interested in the origin of certain Dutch words? Or would you like to know more about Dutch culture? Please feel free to check out our YouTube channel. Our video’s are mostly in English, so we can explain certain Dutch subjects in depth. We will upload new video’s on a regular basis, so don’t forget to like and subscribe!

New video: Why you shouldn’t call the Dutch ‘Dutch’ anymore

In our latest video Ruud Hisgen (Direct Dutch Institute) explains why the word ‘Dutch’ sounds a lot like the word ‘Duits’ (meaning German). 

Annie MG Schmidt


In this video Yolande talks about the famous Dutch author Annie MG Schmidt

Dutch helden (heroes)

In this video Yolande talks about Dutch ‘helden’ (heroes)

LOL versus the Dutch word lol

In this video Ruud compares the abbreviation LOL to the Dutch word lol.


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