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The top 3 Dutch holiday destinations (according to ‘expats’)!

Most of us won’t go on a trip to a faraway destination this summer. Instead we are all trying to book a holiday home, somewhere in the Netherlands. You are lucky to find a modest accommodation for a reasonable price, if any at all.

And so, when your neighbour asks about your holiday plans, you smile when you tell him you just made reservations for a cottage in ‘Drenthe’. ‘Niiiiiiiice’, he replies slowly, while he pictures you relaxing in the Dutch country side, ‘far away’ from the stress of everyday life.

Yes, holidays in the Netherlands have just become ‘the next best thing’. So, which place in the Netherlands is the best holiday location? We asked 45 internationals, working and living in the Netherlands what their favorite place in the Netherlands is. Here’s their top three of Dutch dream locations!

# 3, Texel

If you love nature and wildlife, Texel is the place to go to, all year round! Texel is the largest of the West Frisian Islands, known to the Dutch as De Waddeneilanden.

The island, with it’s romantic dunes and beaches, hides a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is especially interesting for birdwatchers. On the island, there are forty official nature reserves, which can be explored on foot or by bike.

Can’t get enough of the Waddeneilanden? We highly recommend you also visit the other Dutch islands, such as Terschelling, Vlieland or Schiermonnikoog!

# 2, Giethoorn

The idyllic Dutch village of Giethoorn is known as the ‘Venice of the Netherlands’. It’s a popular holiday destination, both within the Netherlands, and abroad. It’s not hard to see why! The village of Giethoorn, in the northeastern province of Overijssel, is simply stunning!

The village is only accessible by boat. Once in Giethoorn, a boat tour will lead you past the gorgeous 18th and 19th century farmhouses, and under the many bridges. In the old part of the village, there used to be no roads at all. All transport was done by water, over the many canals. There’s literally water everywere in Giethoorn.

If you love walking, you can also take the ‘Giethoorn walking route’. Or take the boat tour and the walking route.


# 1, Den Haag (The Hague)

Most of ‘you’ chose Den Haag as the number one Dutch holiday location! Why? According to the respondents, Den Haag simply has it all!

Do you like spending time in nature? Den Haag hides more than 111,000 hectares of dune areas, parks and estates. Do you love art? The city is famous for its many phenomenal museums, such as Het Mauritshuis, Panorama Mesdag and the Kunstmuseum. Are you interested in history and politics? Don’t leave without visiting Het Binnenhof (the Dutch parliament) or the 16th-century Paleis Noordeinde (the king’s workplace).

And if all this wasn’t enough, Den Haag is the only major city in the Netherlands which is located near the sea!


So there you go! Texel, Giethoorn and Den Haag are the three most popular Dutch holiday destinations, according to internationals working and living in the Netherlands. The list of popular Dutch holiday destinations also included Amsterdam, Zandvoort, De Biesbosch, de Veluwe, Terschelling and Zeeland.

Where do you want to spend your holiday?

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Published September 2020