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Welkom op de Direct Dutch camping!

We hopen dat je aan het genieten bent van een heerlijke zomer! We hope you are having a wonderful summer!

From wherever you are, you are invited to come to the Direct Dutch camping! You are welcome 24/7 to keep up your Dutch. Here you can listen to Dutch music, take a quiz, read a good article or help yourself in our ‘food corner’.

We recommend you start your camping adventure at our camping ‘library’, to read our latest article about Dutch hospitality. This knowledge might come in handy this summer!

Dingen om te doen op de Direct Dutch camping:

Direct Dutch camping library

Leer meer Nederlands – en over Nederland – in onze bibliotheek. The Direct Dutch camping library contains a wealth of information about Dutch holidays, Dutch culture and the Netherlands. And they are packed with handy Dutch phrases!

Wie houdt er niet van een leuke quiz? Here you can take all kinds of quizzes to test your Dutch knowledge. And we added a brand new summer holiday quiz. Don’t worry about your score, learning something new will be your prize!

Direct Dutch camping disco

Dans mee op de beste Nederlandstalige zomerhits. From Flemming to Maan, from Ronnie Flex to S10. These summer hits will make you feel good and you’ll keep up your Dutch at the same time. Read the lyrics and sing along!



D-DIY (Direct Dutch it Yourself) camping theater

Hardop lezen is goed voor je uitspraak. Turn our ‘Droge Dialogen‘ into a theater play to practise your pronunciation. Find yourself an audience (animals count) and perform these dialogues like you are on Broadway! And please, do send us your TikToks!

Direct Dutch camping class picture expo

Regent het? Is it raining? Visit our class picture ‘exposition’! We published our 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 class pictures on our website. So you might find yourself in one of these galleries. More galleries will follow soon!


Direct Dutch food corner

Wat is een camping zonder food corner? These 6 Dutch dishes will make your summer holiday more Dutch than wooden shoes! Let us know what your favourite Dutch food is in the poll at the bottom of the page!