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Word of the Day: knecht (servant)

This week I’ll discuss several Dutch and English words that are closely related. Over time these words may have changed in meaning, but their appearances still hold keys to their original meanings.

Word of the Day: pesten (bullying)

Offensive and intimidating behaviour is of all times and of all places, but the verb PESTEN seems to pop up more and more frequently in the Dutch media over the last couple of months.

Word of the day: hallo, hello

This greeting (GROET) shows how fond English and Dutch are of each other. In fact they love each other. In their long relationship they have shared words and exchanged them.

Word of the Day: Doerak, rascal

As Louis pointed out in his commentary on PIEREWAAIEN this is the second word in the Dutch language borrowed from Russian. It comes from ‘durak’ which means ‘domkop’, ‘dwaas’, ‘nitwit’. ‘fool’.