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Word of the Day: lichaam (body)

For many years I assumed that LICHAAM, body, originally meant ‘house of flesh’. For this reason I had fallen in love with it. After Margreet suggested LICHAAM, I did some research and discovered to my dismay that I had been wrong. Yes, HAAM does not mean ‘home’. HAAM means ‘covering’. And LIC means ‘shape’ as in ‘likeness’. According to the Bible God shaped Adam’s body after his likeness.

Word of the Day: tuin (garden)

In this short series of Dutch and English words that are closely related (after having dealt with KNECHT and SLACHT), let’s have a look at the word TUIN, garden. This word sounds like…. ‘town’. So what have TUIN and TOWN in common?

Word of the Day: Doerak, rascal

As Louis pointed out in his commentary on PIEREWAAIEN this is the second word in the Dutch language borrowed from Russian. It comes from ‘durak’ which means ‘domkop’, ‘dwaas’, ‘nitwit’. ‘fool’.