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Appointment oral test (free of charge)

On this page you can book an appointment for a free oral test. During a 20/25 minute (online) conversation your level of Dutch will be assessed and you will be advised on which course you can enrol in. Oral tests can be scheduled online, or at our institute in The Hague.

When is an intake required?
Do you already speak some Dutch and do you want to sign up for a course that starts higher than A0?

If you haven’t completed a course at Direct Dutch before, and you want to start higher than A0, you are required to make an appointment for a (free) oral intake test. You can book your appointment for the intake on the calendar below. Read more about our course prerequisites on this page. There is no intake required if you want to start at A0.

Book your appointments in three steps:

  1. Take this online test as a pre- test to the oral intake (please remember your score!)
  2. Choose a time / date for your oral assessment test in the schedule below
  3. Fill out the form and include your score


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