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Prerequisites and test

So you want to learn Dutch, but you have no idea which course you should enroll for? Here is all the information you need.

Absolute beginners

Are you an absolute beginner, with zero knowledge of Dutch? You can enrol for our seven week Beginners A1 (A0 – A1), or for our ten day Intensive Beginners course (A0 – A2). There are no prerequisites for these courses and you don’t have to take a test. Grammar will be explained in English, if needed. Therefore a little knowledge of English is required!

Beginners A2 and higher

All our other course require knowledge of Dutch. Here are the prerequisites for our other courses.

Beginners A2 (A1 – A2), required level of Dutch: A1 (some knowledge of English is needed)
Intermediate B1 (A2 – B1), required level of Dutch: A2
Intensive Intermediate B1 (A2 – B1), required level of Dutch: A2
Advanced B2 (B1 – B2), required level of Dutch: B1
Intensive Advanced B2 (B1 – B2), required level of Dutch: B1
Spreekvaardigheid B1+, required level of Dutch: B1
Schrijfvaardigheid B1+, required level of Dutch: B1

Free oral test

Do you want to join the Beginners A2 course or higher? If you have already finished a course at Direct Dutch, the teacher will inform you about the possibilities. In almost all cases you can enroll for the next course right away.

If you haven’t completed a course at Direct Dutch before, you are required to make an appointment for a (free) oral test. During a 20/25 minute conversation your level of Dutch will be assessed. 

Before you make the appointment, please test your grammatical knowledge of Dutch, by taking this free online test  (remember your score). You can book your appointment for the oral test on this page