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Spreekvaardigheid B1+

All our courses are currently online, except for the Intensive Beginners A0 – A2 . More classical courses will be announced later. If you sign up for an online course, it will be online until the last lesson!

With our online (video conference) classes we offer the same approved (direct) method of teaching Dutch, in a virtual classroom with a teacher and 6 students.

Level: B1+ CEFR
Group size: Max. 6 students (for the online course)
Duration: 8 weeks, 16 hours (1 lesson of 2 hours per week)
Homework: 1 hour per week
Times: Tuesday, 18:30 to 20:30 hrs.
Price: EURO 320,00 (including course material!)
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Spreekvaardigheid B1+

Online classes at Direct Dutch 

• The same approved (direct) method of teaching Dutch.
• A virtual classroom with a teacher and a maximum of 6 students.
• Real time audio and video.
• Smaller groups with a maximum of 6 students (compared to 8 in our regular classes).
• A video conference setting with room to ask questions, practise your speaking skills and interact with- and listen to other students.
• Interactive tools: virtual whiteboard, screen sharing, document sharing, real time notes and more.
• Course material, sent to you by post (no charge) or you can pick up your book at Direct Dutch Institute
• You can find more info about our online classes here.

Course description

Have you reached your B1 level in Dutch but are you still not a confident speaker or writer? We’ve got two courses that you might be interested in: Schrijfvaardigheid and Spreekvaardigheid. Since you already understand Dutch, the course description is in Dutch. If you can understand it, then the course is suitable for you!


In het eerste uur van deze cursus bespreekt Dr. Ruud Hisgen in een kleine groep actuele thema’s en onderwerpen uit de kranten en het nieuws. In het tweede deel van de les luisteren we naar de presentaties van de cursisten en discussiëren we erover. Als u specifieke wensen hebt dan houden we daar rekening mee in de cursus. Goed spreken is een kwestie van oefening.

In het tweede uur doen de cursisten korte presentaties over hun interesses en hun werk. In discussies oefenen we de spreekvaardigheid.

De cursus duurt 8 weken (2 uur les per week).


This course requires an intermediate knowledge of Dutch (B1 level CEFR). Students who didn’t complete the Intermediate B1 course at Direct Dutch Institute are required to make an appointment for a (free) oral test. Please click here for information about the test and to make the appointment.

Starting dates

Choose your preferred date & time to enrol. After you completed the enrolment form you will hear back from us by email. If you don’t receive an email within two working days, please send an email to

All our courses are currently online, except for the Intensive Beginners A0 – A2. More classical courses will be announced later. If you sign up for an online course, it will be online until the last lesson!!

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