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Our articles are written for learners and lovers of Dutch. They contain a wealth of information about the Netherlands and Dutch culture. And they are packed with handy Dutch phrases!


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Droge Dialogen

These droll conversations between Mrs. Escher and Mrs. Mondriaan, are written by Petra Hisgen (Direct Dutch). They are suitable for A1 and higher. Also check out our Droge Dialogen podcasts!

Word Of The Day

In these posts Ruud Hisgen (Direct Dutch Institute) explains where certain Dutch words come from, while simultaneously giving lots of information about Dutch phenomena, traditions and customs.

Quizzes & exercises

Are you a fan of quizzes? So are we! On this page you can find some easy-going quizzes and some simple exercises. They all have to do with the Netherlands and learning Dutch, of course!

Podcasts & video

Do you prefer listening and watching over reading? On this page you can find some unpretentious educational videos and vlogs.

Spreek Nederlands met mij

Quite some time ago, in 2013, we started our ‘Spreek Nederlands met mij!’ campaign. On this page you can read some of our older posts about this, still very hot, campaign.