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Coaching the expat executive

Discreet tailor-made training to prepare expat managers, executives and/or diplomats for an impressive speech… in perfect Dutch

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Coaching the expat executive

Suppose you are an executive of an international company. Suddenly you find yourself in the situation that you have to deliver a speech to a group of people… in Dutch. And even though you have learned the basics of Dutch, you feel very insecure. Delivering a speech is an art in itself, but to do it in a language that is not your native tongue, wow…eerie.

So what to do? Are you to say: ‘Goedenmiddag, welkom and now I have to do the rest in English, because my mastery of Dutch is poor, sorry…’ Or are you going to fight an arduous battle mumbling a text of which you are not certain what it really says. While battling on, you suddenly hear people laugh and you wonder is it because I was making an indecent remark?

There is an easy and fun way out of this battle. Many people have done this before. Hire one of our language coaches. In a couple of hours the coach will help you to write your speech in such a way that you’ll feel at ease with your lines. Your speech will be totally personal and because it is tailor made easy to deliver.

This is a training especially for managers/executives/diplomats. Direct Dutch is experienced in coaching and helping with these presentations in Dutch. Your audience will be pleasantly surprised when they hear you speak perfect Dutch. And it goes without saying, our training is discreet and your secret remains safe with us.

Are you interested in this course? Please contact Zsuzsa Alsemgeest-Jonas, email:, telephone: 070-3654677

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