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Company Beginners A2

(A1 – A2 CEFR) After this course, your employees will be able to communicate effectively in Dutch.

Level: A1 – A2 CEFR
Group size: Maximum of 8 students
Homework: 24 hours
Course material:

The Beginners A2 course deals with chapter 13 to 24 of the Home in on Holland course book, including:

  • Grammar explanations and exercises covering the basics of Dutch grammar.
  • Dialogues and stories, building up a vocabulary of about 1.000 words.
  • A reference grammar.
  • A pronunciation section.
  • Answers to all exercises.
  • A Dutch- English dictionary
  • A CD with all the dialogues and stories from the course book.
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Company Beginners A2

Company Beginners A2 (A1 – A2 CEFR)

The Beginners A2 builds on the Beginners A1 Course and is meant for students who already know some Dutch, but are still missing a solid grammatical background and vocabulary knowledge to communicate properly in Dutch. Within six weeks, your employees will have dealt with the entire elementary grammar of Dutch, built up a vocabulary of about 1000 words. More importantly, they will have practiced their communication skills extensively, discussing a wide range of topics, reaching from the weather to international politics.

After this course, your employees will be able to communicate effectively in Dutch and provides a solid background to continue developing their language skills independently or in an intermediate course.


The ‘basic’ Beginners A2 package consists of 24 hours of tuition. The remaining homework is about 5 hours per week. Homework is required in order to keep up with the classes.

This basic package is great for students who are dedicated to learning Dutch and have the time and resources to study independently for about 5 hours per week.

If employees are not capable of 5 hrs of self study per week, we recommend the ‘complete’ package of 36 hours of tuition. This package includes a supplement of 12 hours of tuition, so the majority of the homework can be dealt with in class.


Our classes are based on the direct method. This means that all classes are highly interactive and focus on communication. New words and structures are introduced by means of question and answer series. Dutch is spoken in class from the very first lesson ( although some points of grammar may be explained in English to save time). Reading and writing are taught by means of practical (homework) exercises.


At Direct Dutch, we believe that it is impossible to separate a language from its cultural context. There is an important role for Dutch culture throughout our courses. The Elementary course includes a series of 6 short lectures on aspects of Dutch society such as history, politics, arts and media in simple Dutch.


This course requires a basic knowledge of Dutch (A1 level CEFR). Before starting the course, Direct Dutch will assess your employees’ current level of Dutch in an oral test. A little knowledge of English is required to attend the Elementary Course.


At the end of the course, there will be a multiple choice test assessing your level of Dutch. Upon handing in this test, your employees will receive a Direct Dutch certificate, stating whether you reached A2 level.

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