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Company NT2-II exam training

(B2 – C1 CEFR) This course prepares your employees for the NT2 II exam by thoroughly training the skills required to pass the exam successfully.

Level: B2 – C1 CEFR
Group size: Maximum of 8 students
Homework: 85-100 hours
Course material:

The NT2-II course deals with the book Help!3, Zal ik u even helpen? including:

  • Grammar exercises
  • Texts and stories to expand vocabulary
  • Reading, writing, listening and speaking assignments, closely resembling the assignments of the NT2 II exam.

Next to that, the students get even more familiar with the exam, by doing and discussing earlier editions of the official NT2 II exam.

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Company NT2-II exam training

Company NT2 II exam training ( B2 – C1 CEFR)

The NT2-II Course is meant for students who want to take part in the NT2 State exam II. The course prepares your employees for the exam by thoroughly training the specific reading, writing, listening and speaking skills required to pass the exam successfully.


Like all our courses, the NT2 course is highly interactive and focuses on communication. Your employees prepare for every class by covering one chapter from the book, correcting their work independently at home. The first half of each class is devoted to in depth discussion of the home work. The second half focuses on speaking and listening exercises. Dutch is spoken throughout the course.


This course requires an advanced knowledge of Dutch (B2 level CEFR). Direct Dutch will assess your employees’ current level of Dutch in an oral test.


At the end of the course, your employees are well prepared to take part in the NT2 State exam Programme II. This exam is recognized by many employers and in higher education throughout the Netherlands to attest that someone masters Dutch on a professional level.

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