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Home in on Holland

This cultural supplement is a great addition to any of our language courses.

All our courses are currently online, except for the Intensive Beginners A0 - A2. More classical courses will be announced later. If you sign up for an online course, it will be online until the last lesson!

With our online (video conference) classes we offer the same approved (direct) method of teaching Dutch, in a virtual classroom with a teacher and 6 students.

Group size: Maximum of 8 students
Course material:

The lectures are based on a series of articles, created by Direct Dutch. They address a wide variety of cultural topics, ranging from the national character to national politics and from eating and drinking habits to a discussion of the fine arts.

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Home in on Holland

This series of short lectures introduces your employees to some basic characteristics of Dutch culture and helps them to ‘home in’ on their new country. In twelve thematic twenty minute talks, your employees will get an accessible overview of everything they need to know about the Dutch, their history, their country and their ways.


All classes are highly interactive and focus on communication. All lectures in this series are highly accessible and actively involve your employees. They are a great starting point for group discussions and conversation exercises.


The lectures will be adapted to the students’ current level of Dutch. For example, when the series is taken as a supplement to a basic and/or elementary course, the first few lectures will be in English and, later on, in simple Dutch, using only the structures and vocabulary the students are familiar with.

Are you interested in our this course? Please contact Zsuzsa Alsemgeest-Jonas, email:, telephone: 070-3654677