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About the NT2 state exams

Read more about the official NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language) State exams, authorized by the Dutch government.

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About the NT2 state exams

The NT2 state exam

The NT2 (Dutch as a Second Language) State exam is the official national exam, authorized by the Dutch government and organized by DUO — previously called the Informatie Beheer Groep (IB-groep) — since 1992.
The exam is meant for internationals who are at least eighteen years old and want to prove that they have a sufficient command of the language to be able to follow education in Dutch, or work in a Dutch company. The exam is recognized throughout Dutch higher education and by many Dutch employers.

Programme I and Programme II

There are two exam programmes, directed at two different target groups. Both exams consist of four parts, being a reading, writing, listening and speaking exam. You have to pass all four exams in order to get your certificate.
Programme I (level B1 CEFR) is designed for people who want to work in vocational jobs, or follow a training for such jobs (e.g. at a Dutch ROC).
Programme II (level B2 CEFR) is meant for people who want to work in middle and higher level jobs or want to study in Dutch higher education (e.g. at a Dutch hogeschool or university) .

The assignments in the programme II exam are more difficult and elaborate than the assignments in programme I. However, please note that your Dutch does not have to be perfect for either of the exams. During the exams, participants are allowed to use a dictionary and are allowed to make (some) mistakes as well.

After the Direct Dutch intermediate course, students are ready for the NT2-I exam. However, the assignments in the programme II exam require a set of specific skills. Please talk to your teacher if you are planning to take the exam after the Advanced B2 course.


More information

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